Wyrmling blue dragons have scales of iridescent azure and lack the large horn that grows on their snout as they age. Their wings beat with quick energy and tend to hum and crackle faintly with built-up static electricity.

Statistics Edit

Race: dragon
AC bonus: +5 dodge bonus
Druid/shifter merge: armor, items
Bonus hit points: +15
Size: small
Weapon: 1d4 piercing-slashing damage (creature weapon)
Weapon2: 1d4 piercing-slashing damage (creature weapon)
Weapon3: 1d6 slashing damage (creature weapon)
Spells: lightning wyrmling breath

  strength 15
constitution 15
Damage immunity
  electrical 100%

Extra feats: none

Special abilities Edit

A blue wyrmling has true seeing and is immune to paralysis.

Notes Edit

This polymorph is used by the feat greater wildshape I.

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