Ife woodstride

Type of feat: class
Prerequisite: druid 2

Specifics: The character is immune to the grease, web, and entangle spells.

Use: automatic

Notes Edit

  • This feat also makes a character immune to vine mine (entangle and hamper movement), as well as the monster abilities bebilith web and web bolt.

Builder notesEdit

Item feat: No, but it can be added with custom content.

  • This feat is implemented within spell scripts.

Custom content notesEdit

Removable: yes

Reusable: yes

Script: nw_s0_entanglec, nw_s0_greasea, nw_s0_greasec, nw_s0_weba,nw_s0_webc, nw_s1_bltweb, x2_s1_bebweba, x2_s1_bebwebc, x2_s0_vinementc, x2_s0_vinemhmpa, and x2_s0_vinemhmpc

  • This feat can be added to iprp_feats.2da to make it available as an item feat.
  • Custom spell scripts need to specifically check for this feat, if those spells are supposed to be included among woodland stride's immunities.

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