The winter witch is a specialized spellcaster, focusing on ice spells. She is not necessarily a witch, nor even female, even though many of them have been named such by local farmers and peasants. This is a custom prestige class on the persistent world Realms of Annakolia.

WinterWitchFrozenLake 5 copy

Winter witch

The winter witch casts spells based on the higher of charisma and wisdom. She also uses ice power to cast spells. The amount of ice power increases with winter witch class levels. All spells list how much ice power they cost.

Due to their icy nature, winter witches are immune to cold spells but take more damage from fire spells.


Level progressionEdit

  1. Ice power 1
  2. Ice spike
  3. Mass ray of frost
  4. Water of faith
  5. Ice power 2, frost cone
  6. Covered in ice
  7. Ice servant
  8. Ice storm
  9. Inner ice
  10. Ice power 3

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