Wild/Null Magic system (As seen in the Hard Core Ruleset Spell System Add-on)


  • Any object (module, area, creature, spellcast item, etc) can be affected by wild or null magic through scripting. Areas may be set as wild or null more easily using special Magic Marker placeables.
    • Wild and Null Areas of Effect are included in this version, but I don't recommend using them. They do not work as well as simply making an entire area null or wild.
  • In a null magic zone, spells and other magic can not be used. If a creature is null, it cannot cast spells or be the target of spells.
    • Areas of Effect do not affect nulled creatures.
  • If a creature is affected by wild magic, it has difficulty casting spells. Expect wild casters or wild areas to produce erratic results.
  • An item's spellcasting abilities may be affected by null or wild magic as well.


  • A toolset update caused problems in some of the spell scripts. This has been fixed in the HCR version. The solution is to move the #include wm_include line above all other include statements for the buggy scripts. Reason unknown, guessing the compiler is flakey.
  • Spells that affect multiple creatures (but not Area of Effect spells) affect null creatures. This is not so much a bug, it just hasn't been implemented.
  • Recent: For some reason, a few spells are causing trouble due to a recent Bioware update. I have been told that Delayed Blast Fireball, Invisibility Sphere, and Blade Barrier do not work if you attempt to override them with custom scripts. The temporary solution is to remove these three scripts.
  • Some have argued that Turn Undead shouldn't be subject to null or wild magic. This is probably correct, but the stand-alone version still contains the modified turning script. This has been 'fixed' in the HCR.


  • I considered posting the main script, but it was sort of long.
  • It can be downloaded by itself here: Click Here. However, this version is somewhat out of date. The version in the HCR is more recent. I'll fix this as soon as I have access to NWN once more.

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