Wee Jas the Dark Lady
Greater god
Symbol: skull lit by a fireball
Alignment: lawful evil
Worshippers: mages, necromancers, lawfuls
Weapon: dagger
Domains: magic, death

Wee Jas is the lover of Norebo, the Suel god of luck. Wee Jas is on good terms with Phaulkon and Bralm, as well as most lawful gods (whether good, neutral, or evil). She is disliked by the chaotic deities.

Wee Jas is worshipped in Lo Reltarma, the lands of the Scarlet Brotherhood, and has a few priests in the Theocracy of the Pale (secretive, of course). Wee Jas is one of the major figures worshipped by the Scarlet Brotherhood, though not one responsible for their evil attitudes. She rarely (if ever) opposes the good powers, preferring to reserve her attentions for those of chaos.

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