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Type of feat: class
Prerequisite: weapon focus (chosen weapon)

Specifics: The weapon chosen to be a weapon of choice by a weapon master becomes the focus for all of their special abilities.

Use: automatic


  • This feat has no direct effect on game play. Rather, it designates which weapon types benefit from the other weapon master feats.
  • It is possible for an epic weapon master to take additional weapons of choice as class epic bonus feats (provided the weapon focus prerequisites are met).
  • If an epic character takes weapon master level 1, alternatives to weapon of choice are available (the epic bonus feat choices). However, without this feat, the other weapon master feats do not apply to any weapon types. Since the second opportunity to get weapon of choice is at weapon master level 13, choosing one of the alternatives is generally a bad idea (unless a single weapon master level is being taken for the bonus feat).
  • This feat is only available for melee weapons. The feat, however, excludes unarmed strike, lance, magic staff, and creature weapon as viable options.

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