Name: Waukeen
Divine rank: lesser deity
Title(s): Merchant's Friend
Symbol: gold coin with Waukeen's profile facing left
Home plane:
Alignment: true neutral
Portfolio: trade, money, wealth
Worshiper alignments: any alignment
Cleric alignments: NG, LN, N, CN, NE
Domains: knowledge, protection, trade, travel
Favored weapon: "Cloud of Coins" (nunchaku)

  • Cold Counting Comfort (15 Hammer)
  • Great Weave (20 Alturiak)
  • High Coin (30 Ches)
  • Spheres (10 Tarsakh)
  • Sammardach (12 Mirtul)
  • Brightbuckle (21 Kythorn)
  • Sornyn (3rd, 4th, and 5th days of Flamerule)
  • Huldark (17 Eleasias)
  • Spryndalstar (7 Eleint)
  • Marthoon (1 Marpenoth)
  • Tehennteahan (10 Uktar)
  • Orbar (25 Nightal)

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