Outsider vrock

Bony, vulture-like creatures, vrocks are the foot soldiers of the Abyss. Notoriously vain, they prance about in battle, admiring their sharp claws and beaks.

Statistics Edit

Race: outsider
AC bonus: +4 dodge bonus
Druid/shifter merge: none
Bonus hit points: +0
Size: large
Weapon: 1d8 piercing-slashing damage (creature weapon)
Weapon2: 1d8 piercing-slashing damage (creature weapon)
Weapon3: 1d6 slashing damage (creature weapon)

  strength 20
dexterity 16
constitution 17

Spell resistance: 22

Damage immunity
  electrical 100%
Damage resistance
  acid 20/-
  cold 20/-
  fire 20/-
Damage reduction: 20/+2

Extra feats: none

Special abilities Edit

A vrock is immune to poison.

Notes Edit

This polymorph is used by the avatar.

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