"The fate you make is the only fate you deserve."

Vives is a roleplay-oriented persistent world, started in 2003, that is set in a declining world beset upon by selfish gods using it for their own ends. The setting has grown over the years through the telling of its stories, both on the original forum and acted out in the game. Although the various story arcs have been primarily DM-driven, the Vives players have had significant influence on the world through the writing of their own Vives-related stories on the original Vives website (now gone). Many player stories became "canon" over time.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Vives is its experience point system. The system rewards many aspects of play to encourage activity beyond killing monsters. Categories of experience include discovery, combat, spell casting, skill use, crafting, roleplay, and questing. Each class is rewarded differently within each category. Magic-using classes, for example, receive more experience for casting spells than others, while combat-oriented classes receive more for combat. Another aspect of this system that encourages more diverse game play is the decline of experience gained from repetitive activities. Each area or secret discovered only brings a reward upon its first discovery. Each type of monster gives less experience with each defeat, and the same is true for spells.

The original team kept the server running until 2010. After the loss of the original host, Vives was revived in September 2010, as Vives Refreshed. The original purpose of the Vives Refreshed project was to convert the persistent world into a standalone module that anyone could download and play. The module, however, is still hosted as a persistent world on the "Beyond Vives" server, and some members of the original community continue to play on a daily basis.

Server information Edit

  • Server Name: Beyond Vives
  • Category: Role Play
  • Server IP:
  • Schedule: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Occasionally other modules are hosted when announced, but Vives is the primary module hosted at this time.

External links Edit

Vives Refreshed

Original Vives

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