The undersea tileset is a tileset, created by WoRms, featuring the depths of the ocean. This tileset contains the following themes:

Features Edit

  • [Atlantis] Collumn [A] 1x1
  • [Atlantis] Collumn [B] 1x1
  • [Atlantis] Shrine 1x1
  • [Atlantis] Temple [A] 1x1
  • [Atlantis] Vortex 1x1
  • [Reef] Cave Entrance 1x1
  • [Sand] Rocks [A] 1x1
  • [Sand] Rocks [B] 1x1
  • [Sand] Rocks [C] 1x1
  • [Sand] Rocks [D] 1x1
  • [Sand] Small_Shipwreck_A_1x1
  • [Sand] Small_Shipwreck_B_1x1
  • [Sand] Small_Shipwreck_C_1x1
  • Chasm_Stairs 1x1

Groups Edit

  • [Atlantis] Great Hall 3x5
  • [Atlantis] Temple [B] 2x2
  • [Atlantis] Temple [C] 1x2
  • [Sand] Carrack [Floating] 4x1
  • [Sand] Desert_Shipwreck_3x3
  • [Sand] Large_Shipwreck 1x1
  • [Sand] PotSC_Shipwreck2_1x1

Terrain Edit

  • Atlantis Floor [Reef]
  • Bedrock [Sand]
  • Bridge [Chasm]
  • Chasm [Reef]
  • Chasm [Sand]
  • Eraser
  • Reef [Sand]
  • Sand

External linkEdit

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