The Turmish Lands is the name of a NWN Persistent World - also referred to as The Lands of Turmish - its citizens are often called Turmites.

The server is one of the oldest NWN online servers - having been created one month after the release of Neverwinter Nights in May of 2002. The Turmish Lands annually celebrates its birthday every 15th July by introducing a newly released quest.

The persistent world encompasses the Forgotten Realms region of Turmish - an area to the East of the Shining Plains and surrounded by The Sea of Fallen Stars and the Vilhon Reach. Several servers make up the very large world including:

  • Karunth - the main server, a city located to the West of Gulthmere
  • Gulthmere - a wooded setting encompassing multiple druidic and elven communities
  • Alaghon - the capital city located on the easternmost side of Turmish
  • Ironfang - a difficult mountainous region in the Osraun Mountain Range
  • Ormath - a trading location between the Osraun Mountains and the Shining Plains
  • Emerald Island - one of the islands in the Sea of Fallen Stars
  • Daggerford is also one of the servers, and it is a great starting ground for characters new to the world.

The Turmish Lands has an inactive community and web site located at

The modules behind The Turmish Lands are updated regularly by a large Dungeon Master team - Karunth along covers more than 500 areas and is 250 MB in size - the entire server has more than 2,000 areas and runs on a FreeBSD computer with more than 4 GB of memory. There are more than 500 quests amongst all of the modules - including quests that span multiple areas of Turmish.

The server runs its own death rules and magic system - and has its own tradeskills and crafting system developed specifically for Turmish. The server modules are built from a number of other modules which have been adapted for the storyline. As such, being a complicated server, it was often the fact that the server had a number of bugs early on in the game that allowed players to take advantage of certain abilities. However, over time, the DM team fixed all of these issues, and the server became exceptionally stable, and unquestionally large.

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