TourGuide Edit

What it does Edit

Instructs an NPC TourGuide to follow behind a PC and offer area-specific comments.

Note Edit

Triggers are used to indicate positions at which comments are made. See comments at top of script for instructions on use.

The script Edit

//:: TourGuide script
//:: Copyright (c) 2002 Bioware Corp.
    Instructs a TourGuide NPC to follow PC around and offer hints when the PC steps on triggers
    place this script
    - in each trigger's OnEnter event (use Name of trigger to distiguish multiple triggers in same area)
    - in TourGuide's Conversation End files to initiate behavior (i.e., to follow PC)
    - in TourGuide's Heartbeat to recover behavior
    if the TourGuide already has Heartbeat or ConversationEnd scripts, add the line ExecuteScript("TourGuide",OBJECT_SELF);
    To activate the TourGuide, use the command SetLocalInt( oTourGuide, "Active", TRUE ),
        comment out nActive=TRUE line below, and cause this script to run
    OR leave the nActive=TRUE line below and cause this script to run (via conversation with TourGuide)
    TourGuide should have Tag "TourGuide" and should be given an appropriate Voice Set
    Customize text and behavior in TourGuideText function at bottom of script
//:: Created By: Keith Voss (fendis_khan)
//:: Created On: 16 Dec 2002
// returns text appropriate to the current area
// - position of oTrigger deteremines area
string TourGuideText( object oTrigger );
// tells oTourGuide how to behave toward oPC;
// - bTalk indicates whether to speak when called
// - bHello indicates whether to greet with a hello
// - oTrigger indicates trigger that called script
void TourGuideBehavior( object oPC, int bTalk=TRUE, int bHello=TRUE, object oTrigger=OBJECT_INVALID );
void main()
    object oPC;
    object oTourGuide = GetObjectByTag("TourGuide");
    int nActive = GetLocalInt( oTourGuide, "Active" );
    nActive = TRUE; // *** keep this line, unless you want to set TourGuide "Active" in another script ***
    if ( nActive == FALSE )
        return; // do not run script if TourGuide not active
    if ( GetIsObjectValid(GetEnteringObject()) )    // script is called from trigger
        object oTrigger = OBJECT_SELF;
        oPC = GetEnteringObject();
        if ( !GetIsPC(oPC) || IsInConversation(oTourGuide) )
            return;                 // do not run if entering object is not PC or if TourGuide is in a conversation
        if ( !GetIsObjectValid(oTourGuide) || GetIsDead(oTourGuide) )
            return;                 // do not run script if TourGuide does not exist, or is dead
        SetLocalObject( oTourGuide, "FollowPC", oPC );
        AssignCommand( oTourGuide, TourGuideBehavior(oPC,TRUE,TRUE,oTrigger) );  // initiate behavior
    else if ( GetIsObjectValid(GetPCSpeaker()) )    // script is called from conversation
        oPC = GetPCSpeaker();
        SetLocalObject( oTourGuide, "FollowPC", oPC );
        AssignCommand( oTourGuide, TourGuideBehavior(oPC,FALSE) );  // initiate behavior, do not talk yet
    else                                            // assumes script is called from heartbeat
        oPC = GetLocalObject( oTourGuide, "FollowPC" );
        if ( GetDistanceBetween( oTourGuide, oPC ) > 4.0 )
            AssignCommand( oTourGuide, TourGuideBehavior(oPC,FALSE,FALSE) );  // recover follow behavior, no talking

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