The Trials of Newcastle was a persistent world, available 24/7, whenever anyone felt the urge to play. The server was regularly updated. The main web site for the world had been, with forums at and a wiki at It appears to have gone offline sometime in 2009.

The guilds on this server were the Crystal Order, the Whispering Wind, the Crusaders, the Coven of Secrets, and the Shadows Hand.

Setting Edit

The Trials of Newcastle campaign setting was a world named Gardethia. Gardethia is not part of the traditional Dungeons & Dragons multi-verse. existing instead upon an alternate Prime Material Plane. Consequently, a number of things function in a unique way.

Set in the surroundings of the dockside city-state Newcastle, the story began to unfold as adventurers came to help the local cemetery caretaker, Mach, with a wee difficulty. As their adventures progressed, they found that perhaps poor Mach had more to worry about than he first expected. Who is the secret organization of Shrine Priests and what are they trying to hide? What is the Cabal? How can a character help to reveal the truth?

Deities Edit

Gardethia has three gods: Hais, Dalor and Barzak. Other deities do not exist within the realm — there is however an arch-demon named Verrat who sometimes tries to trick adventurers into believing he is a deity instead of killing him.

Barzak is the god of pestilence and disease, murder and hate. His followers are many, and they tend to include assassins, blackguards and the most diabolical of clerics. Barzak is said to carry a whip created from pure terror- whose lash can strip a man of not only his courage but also the ownership of his very soul. Barzak promises great power to all of his followers.

Dalor is a wanderer of sorts, a spell caster and a great sage. He is said to walk the realms constantly, preferring to stick to the poorly marked trails. His deeds help maintain balance. Many people say his main followers are the druids, but there are many others who follow his path. Dalor is a nature god.

Hais is usually called the god of righteousness. People say that he is a brave warrior, and that he believes in the power of honesty and respect. Hais' followers are primarily paladins, champions of Torm and clerics, but there are also many others.

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