The Great Tree: Animal Rescue is a quest in original campaign.

The quest starts when the player character (PC) persuades Nyatar to tell him about other problems. He says that not only people, but animals suffer – the animals at the zoo will be slaughtered unless someone rescues them. The PC can choose to accept the quest. Nyatar will give the PC a scroll which can be used as a portal in the Blacklake zoo. If the PC is not a druid or ranger, he will give a scented fetish – an item to communicate with animals. Lastly, he will give the PC a key to unlock the door at the zoo.

The PC must travel to the Blacklake. In north-eastern corner, there is the zoo. The PC must pay 1 gold piece to enter the zoo. Now, the PC must turn to eastern fragments (there is a locked door – the key Nyatar gave to PC must be used). The PC must go to north-western fragment (there is a guard which will alert other guards if he sees the PC). Outside is the tree – the scroll must be used to open the portal. After that, the PC must return and go south. Defeat the guards and "Master of the Pens". Switching the nearby lever opens the cages. The PC must speak to all animals so they go to the place where the portal is. Speaking to them forces them to go to the portal. Speak to Nyatar back at the City Core finishes the quest.


The PC can force Nyatar or persuade to give them further reward. Nyatar gives him/her ironwood. If the PC forces him more, he will disappear.

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