Ife familiar

Type of feat: class
Prerequisite: wizard 1, sorcerer 1

Specifics: A character with this feat may summon a familiar once per day. If the familiar dies, the character suffers 1d6 magical damage, but may summon the familiar again on the following day.

Use: selected

The available familiars are bat, eyeball, faerie dragon, fire mephit, hell hound, ice mephit, imp, panther, pixie, pseudodragon, and raven.

Notes Edit

  • This ability targets the summoner (unlike summoning spells, which target the ground).
  • Multiclassing sorcerer and wizard will not give the character two familiars, but those class levels do stack when determining the level of the familiar.

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: NW_S2_Familiar

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