This article covers the layout of the file; for the default contents, see soundsettype.2da (contents).

The soundsettype.2da file is the .2da file that defines classifications for soundsets. It is used (only) by the Toolset to allow a builder to filter the available soundsets, and is (only) referenced by the "TYPE" column of soundset.2da.

This file is missing the blank line that is supposed to exist immediately before the column labels.

Columns of soundsettype.2da
Name Description
ID (no actual name) Row numbers for the benefit of human readers. The game engine ignores the value in this field, instead generating sequential row numbers as the file is read. It is good practice to keep the entries in this field sequentially numbered to avoid confusion.
LABEL A name for this soundset type, for the benefit of human readers. It is ignored by the game.
STRREF A StringRef for the name displayed by the Toolset for this soundset type.

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