This article covers the layout of the file; for the default contents, see soundset.2da (contents).

The soundset.2da file is the .2da file that defines the soundsets known by Neverwinter Nights. A soundset that is not listed in this .2da cannot be heard in the game, as the instructions used by the game to play its sounds refer to an index into this file rather than the name of the soundset. (This is to reduce bandwidth in network games.)

Columns of soundset.2da
Name Description
ID (no actual name) Row numbers for the benefit of human readers. The game engine ignores the value in this field, instead generating sequential row numbers as the file is read. It is good practice to keep the entries in this field sequentially numbered to avoid confusion.
LABEL A name for this soundset, for the benefit of human readers. It is ignored by the game.
RESREF The ResRef of the soundset corresponding to this row.
STRREF A StringRef for the name of this soundset, as displayed in the game and in the Toolset. (This must be a positive integer in order for the Toolset to display the soundset.)
GENDER A flag that allows filtering the soundsets by gender.
0 = male; 1 = female
TYPE An integer that allows filtering soundsets by intended use. The Toolset regards this as an index into soundsettype.2da; the game client just looks for the special value "0" (zero) that indicates which soundsets should be available during character creation.

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