This article covers the layout of the file; for the default contents, see skills.2da (contents).

The skills.2da file is the .2da file that defines the skills available in Neverwinter Nights. These are then made available as class and cross-class skills via the cls_skill_*.2da files.

Columns of skills.2da
Name Description
ID (no actual name) Row numbers for the benefit of human readers. The game engine ignores the value in this field, instead generating sequential row numbers as the file is read. It is good practice to keep the entries in this field sequentially numbered to avoid confusion.
Label A descriptive label for the row, identifying the skill it defines for the benefit of human readers. This is ignored by the game.
Name The StringRef for the name of this skill.
Description The StringRef for the description of this skill.
Icon The ResRef of the icon (32x32 .tga file) used for this skill.
Untrained Defines if untrained skill checks are allowed with this skill.
0 = requires training; 1 = skill can be used with no skill ranks
KeyAbility A three letter code indicating which ability's modifier is applied to this skill.
Valid values are STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, and CHA.
ArmorCheckPenalty Controls whether or not the armor check penalty applies to this skill.
0 = no armor check penalty; 1 = armor check penalty applies
AllClassesCanUse Controls whether or not this skill is available to all classes.
0 = only usable by classes given this skill;
1 = can be used by anyone (provided untrained checks are allowed)
Category This determines how the AI treats this skill. It is an ID value in categories.2da.
Constant The NWScript symbolic constant for this skill. This is for the reference of human readers and is ignored by the game.
HostileSkill Defines whether or not using this skill counts as a hostile action.
0 = not hostile; 1 = hostile

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