Ife x1sevade

Type of feat: class
Prerequisite: shadowdancer 4

Specifics: Three times per day the shadowdancer can call upon the shadows in the area to help conceal her. She gains a 5% concealment bonus, damage reduction of 5/+1, and a +1 AC bonus. The effect lasts for 5 rounds. This improves as the shadowdancer goes up in levels.

Use: selected

Notes Edit

class level damage reduction concealment AC bonus
4 5/+1 5% +1
6 5/+2 10% +2
8 10/+2 15% +3
10 10/+3 20% +4
15 12/+4 20% +4
20 14/+5 20% +4
25 16/+5 20% +4
30 18/+5 20% +4
  • Though the epic shadowdancer feat suggests that the damage reduction should reach 16/+6 at level 25 and 18/+7 at level 30, the power of the reduction never exceeds +5.
  • The feat's effects are subject to dispelling. The effective caster level is the evader's total hit dice.

Builder notes Edit

Item feat: No, but it can be added with custom content.

Custom content notes Edit

Removable: yes

Reusable: Yes, but it would need to be added to the radial menu for other classes.

Script: x0_s2_shadevade

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