This file contains functions used for the Grimoire underwater rules.

Includes Edit

Constants Edit

  • const float UND_SONIC_MULTIPLIER = 1.5; // damage multiplier for sonic spells underwater

Functions Edit

int SGGetIsUnderwater (object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) This function checks if the local integer "UNDERWATER" has been set on the caster or the area the caster is in.

int SGCheckUndWaterFireSuccess (int iElementalType, object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) For any fire spells that can function underwater, the caster must succeed at spellcraft check vs. a DC of 20 + the spell level.

int SGAdjUndWaterSonicDmg (int iDamage, int iElementalType) This function checks to see if there is a custom sonic damage multiplier specified by the variable SG_UNDW_SONIC_MULT. If no constant is specified, it will use the constant UND_SONIC_MULTIPLIER above.

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