This file contains the underlying functions used for turning, rebuking, and bolstering undead. This file defines no constants and includes no files.

The abilities for rebuking and bolstering undead have not been added to the Grimoire yet.

Functions Edit

int SGGetCharismaMod (object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) This function gets the caster's charisma modifier. If the caster has the consecrate spell effect for being in a consecrated area, it adds +3 to this value.

int SGGetTurningCheck (object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) This function performs the turn check: d20 + charisma modifier. Having the sun domain adds +4 to this roll.

int SGGetTurningLevel (object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) This function determines the caster's turning level. Paladin or blackguard levels will stack with cleric levels, but not both.

int SGGetMaxUndeadHDAffected (object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) This function returns the maximum hit dice of undead that can be affected, based upon the turning check and turning level.

int SGGetNumUndeadHDAffected (object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) This function determines the number of hit dice of undead that is affected: 2d6 + charisma modifier + turning level. Sun domain adds a d6.

void SGSetBaseTurningInfo (object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) This function is a wrapper for the calls to the above functions, setting all the return values as local integers on the caster.

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