This file contains the functions for the expanded summoning abilities included with the Grimoire. This file defines no constants.

Includes Edit

Functions Edit

effect SGGetSummonEffect (int iSpellID, object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) This function replaces the Bioware function GetSummonEffect. This is the main function that determines the creature type being summoned.

void DoMultSummonEffect (int iSpellID, object oCaster,
int iDurationType, location lTarget,
float fDuration) This function calls SGGetSummonEffect() and applies the effect at the location. It also checks the global switch SG_L_DESTROY_SUMMONS to see if it should destroy any previous summons before applying the new effect.

void SGDestroyPreviousSummons (object oCaster=OBJECT_SELF) This function destroys any previous summons the caster has.

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