This file contains functions to replace other BioWare functions in order to make use of functions in the Grimoire and avoid circular include issues. This file defines no constants and includes no files.

Functions Edit

void SGDoTrapSpike (int nDamage) This function replaces DoTrapSpike().

void SGDoGrenade (int nDirectDamage, int nSplashDamage,
int vSmallHit, int vRingHit,
int nDamageType, float fExplosionRadius,
int nObjectFilter, int nRacialType=RACIAL_TYPE_ALL) This function replaces DoGrenade().

void SGDoPetrification (int nPower, object oSource,
object oTarget, int nSpellID,
int nFortSaveDC) This function replaces DoPetrification().

void SGspellApplyMindBlank (object oTarget, int nSpellId,
float fDelay=0.0) This function replaces spellApplyMindBlank().

int SGspellsIsMindless (object oCreature) This function replaces spellsIsMindless().

void SGspellsDispelMagic (object oTarget, int nCasterLevel,
effect eVis, effect eImpac,
int bAll=TRUE, int bBreachSpells=FALSE) This function replaces spellsDispelMagic().

void SGCheckAndApplyEpicRageFeats (int nRounds) This function replaces CheckAndApplyEpicRageFeats().

void SGCheckAndApplyThunderingRage (int nRounds) This function replaces CheckAndApplyThunderingRage().

void SGCheckAndApplyTerrifyingRage (int nRounds) This function replaces CheckAndApplyTerrifyingRage().

void SGDoMindBlast (int nDC, int nDuration,
float fRange) This function replaces DoMindBlast().

int SGDoCubeParalyze (object oTarget, object oSource,
int nSaveDC=16) This function replaces DoCubeParalyze().

void SGEngulfAndDamage (object oTarget, object oSource) This function replaces EngulfAndDamage().

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