Title: Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel
Rank: lesser god (deity).
Realm: Greyhawk
Symbol: wooden billet
Alignment: lawful good
Worshippers: townspeople, lawmen, town leaders, paladins
Weapon: club, footman's mace
Domains: wisdom, common sense, truth, forthrightness, dedication, zeal

Of all the good-aligned deities, Saint Cuthbert is the most active in the Flanaess. His agents promote an agenda of lawfulness in all things, and good save at the expense of order. The priesthood of Saint Cuthbert is divided into three orders: the Order of the Billets, defenders of the faith and ministers to the faithful; the Order of the Chapeaux, proselytizers of the unconverted; and the Order of the Stars, who maintain doctrinal purity within the church.

Saint Cuthbert's priests are on very good terms with Rao, to the extent that the Canon of Veluna (Hazen) actually follows Saint Cuthbert instead of Rao. The two are of like goals, though the means often varies. However, this tolerance does not extend to the followers of the Blinding Light -- priests of Pholtus are at best tolerated by those of Saint Cuthbert, and the priests of the Cudgel are forbidden from entering the Theocracy of the Pale.

Saint Cuthbert's priests will only provide aid to those advance the cause of good, and preferably law. However, they are quite generous to those who promote their god's ideals, asking for only a stout arm and a dedication to truth and weal in return.

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