Ruins Tileset

The Ruins tileset was introduced with the Shadows of Undrentide Expansion pack and describes the following themes:

Features Edit

  • Bride Door (1x1)
  • Chessboard (1x1)
  • Exterior Door Transition (1x1)
  • Exterior Exit 1 (1x1) - Large Doors
  • Exterior Exit 2 (1x1) - Different design Doors
  • Exterior Fence Door (1x1)
  • Exterior Fountain (1x1)
  • Exterior Hall Door (1x1)
  • Exterior Overgrown Garden (1x1)
  • Exterior Ruined Building (1x1)
  • Exterior Stairs Down (1x1)
  • Exterior Stairs Up (1x1)
  • Exterior Water Pool (1x1)
  • Interior Door Transition (1x1)
  • Interior Fence Door (1x1)
  • Interior Hall Door (1x1)
  • Interior Rubble (1x1)
  • Interior Sleeping Platform (1x1)
  • Interior Stairs Down (1x1)
  • Interior Stairs Up (1x1)
  • Interior Wall Fountain (1x1)
  • Portal (1x1)

Groups Edit

  • Desert Interior 1 (2x2)
  • Desert Interior 2 (2x2)
  • Desert Interior 3 (2x2)
  • Exterior Amphitheater (2x2)
  • Exterior Mosaic (2x2)
  • Exterior Ruined Tower (2x2)
  • Exterior Stage (2x2)
  • Exterior Stairs Down (2x2)
  • Exterior Stairs Up (2x2)
  • Exterior Walkway (2x2)
  • Interior Mosaic (2x2)
  • Tent Interior (2x2)
  • Turfhouse Interior (2x2)

Terrain Edit

  • Alley (Exterior)
  • Bridge
  • Chasm
  • Corridor (Interior)
  • Doorway
  • Fence
  • Floor (Interior)
  • Plaza (Exterior)

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