The rocky mountains tileset is one of the tilesets created by Lord Rosenkrantz and contains the following themes:

Features Edit

  • TNO, castle high, gate
  • TNO, castle high, top stairs
  • TNO, castle low, outer door 1
  • TNO, castle low, outer door 2
  • TNO, castle low, raise gate
  • TNO, castle wall, breach
  • TNO, castle wall, side stairs
  • TNO, low stone wall, gate 1
  • TNO, low stone wall, gate 2
  • TNO, watchtower
  • TNO, watchtower, grassy hill
  • TNO, watchtower, rocky hill

Groups Edit

  • Late fortress, 5x6
  • Ramp 1, mountain to rocky hill, 2x2
  • Round house 1, 2x3
  • Round house 1, grassy hill, 2x3
  • TNO, fantasy tower, 4x4
  • TNO, tower 1, 3x3
  • TNO, tower 1, grassy hill, 3x3
  • TNO, tower 1, rocky hill, 3x3
  • TNO, tower 2, 3x3
  • TNO, tower 2, grassy hill, 3x3
  • TNO, tower 2, rocky hill, 3x3

Terrain Edit

  • Edge fixer
  • Eraser
  • Grass
  • Hill, grass
  • Hill, rock
  • Lake/river
  • Mountain stream
  • Raise/lower
  • TNO, castle high
  • TNO, castle low
  • TNO, castle wall
  • TNO, small stone wall
  • Wall

External link Edit

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