Return of Middle-Earth (RoME) is Middle-Earth based PW in NWN. RoME has multiple good sides (and few bad sides) and altogether the creators of the world have done a great job. RoME is a roleplaying server so people who just like to hack-and-slash can stay away from it. Currently, the server is starting to have war of the rings, and new players are more than welcome to join the community.

Server direct connect IP address:

IRC channel Edit

  • #rome
  • port: 6778

Player comments Edit

Basically a low-XP roleplaying world in a LOTR setting, but with heavy emphasis on crafting.

Noteworthy Edit

Its use of dialogue-based transitions to safeguard low-level areas (e.g. Bree) and certain (Elvish) areas from intruders. Was discontinued for a while; now hosted again. No active development; developers focus on new world.

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