Instead of respawning where you died, this script takes a player character back to the start location of the module.

Notes Edit

This script should be loaded into the OnPlayerRespawn event slot of a module.

The script Edit

Script: Respawn At Start Location
Created By: Jaden Wagener
Created On: 08/30/02
//Respawns a player back at the start location.
//Script should be placed in the module's OnRespawn slot.
//NOTE: due to the current bug issue with the GetStartLocation function,
//a waypoint must be created at the starting location and its tag inserted
//in place of NW_WAYPOINT001.
#include "nw_i0_plot"
//Uses some in game default scripts
void main()
   //Set variables
   object xPC;
   int xHP;
   location xStart;
   effect xRez, xHeal, xVisual, xBad;
   //Populate variables
   xPC = GetLastRespawnButtonPresser();                      //Player respawning
   xHP = GetMaxHitPoints(xPC);                               //Player's Max HP
   xStart = GetLocation(GetWaypointByTag("NW_WAYPOINT001")); //Start location
   xRez = EffectResurrection();                              //Resurrect effect
   xHeal = EffectHeal(xHP);                                  //Heal effect
   //Resurrect at start location
   RemoveEffects(xPC); //Removes Negative effects. Is defined in nw_i0_plot.

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