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Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist is a Neverwinter Nights roleplay persistent world set in Ravenloft, a gothic horror Dungeons & Dragons setting. The module features over 700 areas, with a great diversity of places to visit, NPCs to meet, monsters to fight, and treasure to haul. The builders have striven to provide high-quality gameplay, both in balance and continuing challenge, and they make improvements an ongoing goal.

The greatest emphasis is on roleplaying, with a goal of setting the perfect stage for it. Roleplay is the direct or indirect reason for all else that is here. All players are expected to act in-character whenever they are around others. In return, the server provides the dedicated roleplayer with some of the richest and most vivid roleplay that can be encountered outside pen-and-paper. In the game, there can be found a vast diversity of individuals and groups trying to achieve their aims through player-driven interaction, whether that aim is to attain power, fight evil, or merely survive.

Origins Edit

The Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mists project started in 2003 and became a public server in 2005. It was started by a rapidly growing circle of people who felt the dedicated online roleplayers needed a more suitable medium for their interaction than what was available. As the years have passed, these people have continuously worked on expanding the world, broadening the opportunities, and perfecting the systems. The server runs on quality hardware provided by the collected effort of the community, and it is stationed at Aalborg University of Denmark, assuring high stability and next to no lag.

Systems Edit

The server features systems that try to make the world seem alive and that contribute to roleplay, the centre of it all, rather than simply existing alongside it. Wildlife behaves as one might expect, and the people of the land move about their chores during the day and stay indoors at night. Additionally, the change of seasons is portrayed extensively and even has an impact on the way the game is played.

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