Outsider rakshasa
Outsider rakshasa female

Rakshasa are humanoid tigers garbed in the clothes of nobility, who use their considerable powers to maintain their decadent lifestyles at others' expense.

Statistics Edit

Race: outsider
AC bonus: +12 dodge bonus
Druid/shifter merge: armor, items, weapon
Bonus hit points: +30
Size: medium
Weapon: 1d6 +5 bludgeoning damage + 1d10 fire damage (magic staff +5)
Spells: dispel magic, ice storm, mestil's acid breath

  strength 17
dexterity 20

Damage reduction: 15/+5

Skill bonus: +5 discipline, +10 hide, +11 move silently, +15 spellcraft, +10 spot
Extra feats: dodge, knockdown

Special abilities Edit

A rakshasa has true seeing, a +2 bonus to saving throws, and is immune to spells of level 8 or lower. It is vulnerable to a blessed bolt.

Notes Edit

The statistics relate to a pair of male and female polymorphs. These polymorphs are used by the feat outsider shape.

Builder's note Edit

These polymorphs lack a scripting constant; they must be referred to by the numbers 88 (male) and 89 (female).

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