Is magearm

Range: personal
Save: none
Spell resistance: no
Area of effect: caster
Duration: 1 round / level

Description: Creates a psychokinetic barrier around the creature that grants damage reduction of at least 10/+20 (for NPCs) and absorbs a total of 10 points of damage per level.


  • The exact damage reduction granted by this ability is X/+20, where X is half the creature's hit dice, subject to a minimum of 10.
  • Player characters who use this ability (see the mindflayer form of greater wildshape IV) receive reduced benefits. For this ability, their hit dice are considered to be one more than a third their shifter level, and the power of their damage reduction is only this effective hit dice (rather than +20).
Shifter level Damage reduction Max absorbed Rounds
10-11 10/+4 40 4
12-14 10/+5 50 5
15-17 10/+6 60 6
18-20 10/+7 70 7
21-23 10/+8 80 8
24-26 10/+9 90 9
27-29 10/+10 100 10
30 10/+11 110 11

Custom content notesEdit

  • script: x2_s1_psibarr

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