Ife ptool10

Type of feat: instant (custom)
Prerequisite: none

Specifics: This instant feat can be given to players to enable a behavior you desire. The feat does nothing unless implemented in a community-made module. The feat is implemented by editing the x3_pl_tool## script in the Toolset and then giving the feat to a player character. This can be done by adding an item property bonus feat to a creature skin that has been previously equipped on the player character through scripting.

Use: selected

Notes Edit

  • Added in patch 1.69.
  • There are ten of these feats — player tool 1 to player tool 10.
  • These feats appear under the base class special abilities in the radial menu, which happens to always put them next to the horse menu.
  • The intent of these feats is to relieve the reliance upon items to give players easy access to certain custom scripts. They also eliminate the activation animation associated with item use. A player can select any of these tools from the radial menu, then select a target (which could be ignored, depending on the implementation), thereby initiating whatever actions the module builder associated with that tool.

Builder notes Edit

Item feat: yes (intended use)

Custom content notes Edit

Removable: yes

Reusable: yes (no default behavior)

Scripts: x3_pl_tool01 through x3_pl_tool10

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