Planar rift is an on-hit property of weapons that is intended only for use with the black blade of disaster. This property instantly destroys non-plot placeables, and will kill creatures who fail a fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + caster level, which sums to 17 for the standard black blade of disaster, as the summoned sword has a caster level of 7). This counts as death magic.

Spell resistance applies normally against this property, even though it is ignored by other item properties. However, if the wielder of the item with this property is not an associate, then the spell is effectively automatically resisted (the script is given a result of "invalid", which is interpreted as "resisted"). That is, spell resistance works when used by the black blade of disaster, but can fail if this property is used in other circumstances.

This property is intended only for use with the black blade of disaster, so it has a safety measure in place to keep it out of the hands of players. If a player character wields a weapon with this property, the planar rift will kill the wielder whenever a successful hit is made. There is no save in this case, but death magic immunity still applies.

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: x2_s3_planarrift

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