The Peninsula district comprises the southwestern quadrant of the city of Neverwinter and is named for the geographic peninsula that forms most of the territory of this district. The central feature of this district is the Neverwinter prison, which occupies much of the geographic peninsula. (Most other buildings in this district are on the land connecting the geographic peninsula to the city core.) Other named locations that feature in the original campaign are the Neverwinter militia headquarters, Mizzenmast Mercantile (a store), and the Tanglebrook estate.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Gameplay Edit

At the start of chapter 1 of the original campaign, a prison break had recently occurred, leaving the Peninsula district overrun by escaped prisoners. The break was initiated by a Waterdhavian creature, the intellect devourer, who possessed the head gaoler. The possessed gaoler opened the cells and set the prisoners free, sending the district into chaos. Thus the main goal for this district is to infiltrate the prison and confront the intellect devourer, with the secondary goal of restoring order to the district. The outer doors of the prison remain locked, but now by the prisoners, rather than for the prisoners. A key to these doors can be found on the gang leader in the sewers. Alternatively, the prison can be accessed via a tunnel from the Tanglebrook estate. While the estate is also locked up, a key can be found under the estate's welcome mat.

There are several options for the PC to do - there are 2 people, former employees of Lady Tanglebrook who can each reveal some background on the relationship between the lady and the head goaler regarding an alternate entrance into the prison. They want to be escorted to the district gates. The PC can take them there (some XP and a 3 alignment point towards good is granted, saying to hide somewhere or rob them (the PC is granted few gold and 5 alignment points towards evil). Also, if the PC defeats intellect devourer, they won't have the option to do anything.


  • Depending on the PC's level, there can be regular prisoners (lower level) or even gang leaders (higher level, as magicians). In the prison, the similar happens, but there are even escaped prisoners (as clerics) and former prisoners (as magicians).
  • At north-eastern part of the district, there is a wizard lab. It is locked (unless the PC has Eltoora's key from Cloaktower).
  • In the eastern part there is a door. Inside it is a guard named Jones. He will grant you entry to the tomb. The PC must have the letter from Oleff to speak to Briley so Briley can unlock the chest where some artifacts are. These artifacts are actually "keys" to unlock other tombs.

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