A Palette is your selection of choices to place in your NWN module. A Palette provides an organized list of all blueprints available in the module. All of the objects, whether creature, door or various other items in Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset is predefined within this Palette.

Think of it as a painter’s palette, where different colors are stored until needed and the painter just has to pick a color, run a brush though it and paint. The toolset palette places everything into categories and sub-categories for easy location and placement onto a map. A painter's palette is the funny-shaped device he holds in his left hand as he dabs at the canvas with the paintbrush in his right.

Each of the objects will display their own hierarchical object tree. Each tree has a two states, Standard and Custom. The modes are changed by clicking on the tabs with their names.

When you click on the Standard tab, only standard objects are displayed. Standard objects come free with any module you build, and their blueprints in the palette can not be removed.

When you click on the Custom tab, only customized blueprints are displayed. Custom objects are all other objects, usually referenced through Hak Paks available.

Palette Types:

Door: This lists every type of door in the game, weak wooden doors, stone doors and jeweled doors.

Encounter: This palette lists every creature built into the game, all organized under headings such as: Abomination, Human, NPC, Undead etc...

Object: This palette lists every placeable object in the game. Everything from buckets to switches and all the stuff in between, even magical glowing lights!

Item: This is where you'll find armor, clothing, weapons and shields, anything that can be used, bought, sold or equipped is listed in this palette.

Standard Palette: Ordinary game encounters, items and objects fall under this category of palette.

Custom Palette: Everything in the game can be altered or Customized. i.e., you place a zombie in an area, then decide you want that zombie to have extra hit points, or magical abilities, you have just customized your zombie and now the toolset has placed it in the 'Custom Palette', under the Undead heading. Any object or item in the game can be customized and will be placed in the Custom Palette slot from which the unmodified item originated.

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