The osrs_signatures script is used by the Open Source Rule Set to list contributors to the rule set. It is pure documentation, containing no functionality. The content of the script is the following.

// file:
//      osrs_signatures.nss
// purpose:
//      Hold OSRS signatures for inclusion into the OSRS build as a comment.
//      Please limit signatures to 4 lines, but extend yourselves if you have
//      to! :)
//      Place your signature in the code once here in one location.  Keep
//      signatures out of the code where they clutter the comments as to who did
//      what.  Who-Did-What is now more efficiently maintained by the
// wikimedia software.  You can review who did what there.
//      Here, in this code we are interested mainly in focusing upon and
//      solving the technical leaders.

// Brick Thrower
// Open Source Rule Set:
// Viking Rune Masters:

//void main(){}

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