The osrs_pnp_light_oml script implements part of the torch feature of the OSRS. The content of the script is the following.

// file: 	osrs_pnp_light_oml.nss
// purpose: 	Establish whether or not this module uses OSRS Realistic 
//		Torches.  By default this variable is off, so you must 
//		specifically ExecuteScript("osrs_pnp_light_oml", OBJECT_SELF) from 
//		your OnModuleLoad event in order to call this script 
//		which will turn on the lighting system. 

#include "osrs_pnp_light_inc"

// Uncomment the following line in order to turn Realistic Torches on. 
    // enable Wiki PNP D&D torch and lantern life span usage
    SetLocalInt(oMod, csRealTorches, 1); // see osrs_pnp_light_omh for more info

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