Isk olock

The open lock skill allows the character to enter locked rooms and open locked containers.

  • Check: The difficulty class is determined by the lock's difficulty rating. A successful check opens the lock.
  • Special: Thieves' tools can be used to provide bonuses to a character's open lock attempt, but are destroyed in the attempt whether successful or not.
  • Use: Select the skill and then target a locked object.


  • Allows for a take 20 when the character is not in combat.
  • In many cases, bashing can be used in place of this skill, with the notable exceptions of plot doors and chests.
  • A single rank in this skill can be of benefit to many characters, especially those in a single-player game. In particular, if there is a ready supply of thieves' tools, a character with a single rank in this skill can open surprisingly hard locks — assuming a (moderate) modified dexterity of 14, and +10 tools, such a character can open locks with DCs as high as 33. Even higher DCs can be reasonably met for dexterity-based characters and characters with abilities that augment this skill (e.g. bard song or the trickery domain power).

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