Norebo the Lord of Chance
Lesser god
Symbol: pair of 8-sided dice
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Worshippers: thieves, rogues, gamblers, swindlers, some assassins, a few druids
Weapon: shortsword, sling
Domains: luck, gambling, risks

Norebo, the Lord of Chance, is on good terms with nearly all of the gods of mischief or wandering (Brandobaris, Erevan, Fharlanghn, etc.), and has few enemies among the pantheons. He has a friendly rivalry with Olidammara (his priests have been known to pilfer the purses of any passing priests), but few of the Laughing Rogue's lasting rivalries.

Norebo and Wee Jas have at best a strained relationship -- they feel a strange kinship and attraction, despite their distant spheres, but quickly grow weary of each other's company. Still, it is worthy of note that Norebo is the only chaotic deity of any sort that Wee Jas will associate with -- and her priests will, if deemed necessary, raise fallen followers of Norebo from the dead. It's rumored that the ties between the two relate to a ancient favor of Norebo's, against the machinations of Nerull.

Norebo's priests are a garrulous, good-spirited lot, and will happily wager against all who visit their temples. They often act as banks of information (for those who will game with them), with an eye for the long-term interests of their god (advancement of his worship, protection of individual freedom, and the fleecing of the foolish).

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