The following is from The Neverwinter Wood, a book within the game Neverwinter Nights.

This hefty tome attempts a complete history of the Neverwinter Wood, but the crux of what is known is summed up in the following passage:

While many a tale has suggested that there are dark forces that call the wood their home, there is yet no definite answer to what truly hides within. Many a glade has a guardian force watching over it, but never one so malevolent as is supposedly in residence there. These woods have never been logged by men, for they are feared and shunned by locals, and even orc hordes alter their course around and never through, though usually only after suffering a goodly number of stubborn casualties.

Original campaign Edit

Neverwinter Wood lies close to Port Llast and enters the original campaign as one of the major regions in chapter two.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Before entering the deeper parts of the Neverwinter Wood, a dwarf will stop the player character (PC). He will only open when the PC speaks with Archdruid Aawil. Aawil will grant the PC two quests – the first is to find three druids (Orlane, Bree and Terari), and the second is to cure the Spirit of the Wood.

Also, if one has obtained the quest from mayor Kendrack in Port Llast, a ranger outlaw named the Serpent will be in northwestern corner. He will fool the PC, as he says that there is a ranger in the south, but will soon attack along with his wolf and black bear. If one defeats them all, the PC has the option to kill him or to convince him to cut his ear (some points towards evil are added).

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