Neverwinter is a city located on the Sword Coast of Faerûn, and is a major location in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and the Neverwinter Nights original campaign.

Book: The City of NeverwinterEdit

This City of Skilled Hands is a beautiful, relaxed place. It is a walled city of over 20,000 mainly humans and half-elves.

Craftsmen love the beauty of Neverwinter, and constantly try to outdo each other in striving for ever-increasing efficiency and beauty of design.

Many Harpers dwell in Neverwinter, as do a few skilled dwarven craftspeople of note. Many good-aligned spellcasters also make Neverwinter their home, including the Many-Starred Cloak, a band of wizards who support Lord Nashar's rule with their spells and some say hold the real power in the city. The 'Cloak also produces blastglobes for the 400-strong city militia.

Neverwintans tend to be quiet, mannered, literate, efficient, and hard-working folk. Deadlines and precision are important in all they do. They respect not only the property of others, but also whatever interests another person holds important for personal happiness. "Following one's weird" is a Neverwintan saying for odd or reckless behavior. Everyone native to this city understands the need to do such.

All in all, Neverwinter is perhaps the most cosmopolitan city in Faerun, escaping Waterdeep's slums and grasping competitiveness, and Silverymoon's harsher climate and heavier need for defense against orcs and other evils. Cities in Amn and Calimshan commonly claim to be more civilized, but merchants who trade there all say that Neverwinter truly is civilized, unlike some showier rivals who, as the sage Mellomir once put it, "have achieved decadence without the need for passing through civilization first."

Neverwinter is divided into several sections, called districts. They are the City Core, the Blacklake, the Docks, the Peninsula, and the Beggar's Nest. The City Core is the focal point of commerce, and houses Castle Never, the seat of government, and the Hall of Justice, a temple of Tyr. The Blacklake district is home to the nobility, while the Beggar's Nest is populated by many of Neverwinter's less wealthy citizens. The Peninsula is constructed around a prison complex, and the Docks district is home to one of the most extensive harbors of the Sword Coast.