NWN basic creature scripts is the OSRS feature that will allow creatures in an Open Source Rule Set module to use the default set of event handlers provided by the original NWN.

X0 creature scripts to integrate into OSRS

The original NWN creature event handlers

OSRS Creature Event Scripts

The OSRS creature event handlers

Event Original script OSRS script
OnBlocked event nw_c2_defaulte osrs_ob
OnCombatRoundEnd event nw_c2_default3 osrs_ocre
OnConversation event nw_c2_default4 osrs_ocon
OnDamaged event nw_c2_default6 osrs_oda
OnDeath event nw_c2_default7 osrs_ode
OnDisturbed event nw_c2_default8 osrs_odist
OnHeartbeat event nw_c2_default1 osrs_oh
OnPerception event nw_c2_default2 osrs_op
OnPhysicalAttacked event nw_c2_default5 osrs_opa
OnRested event nw_c2_defaulta osrs_or
OnSpawn event nw_c2_default9 osrs_os
OnSpellCastAt event nw_c2_defaultb osrs_osca
OnUserDefined event nw_c2_defaultd osrs_oud

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