NWN Lexicon is a reference guide for NWScript, available both as a website and as a downloadable Windows help file. It contains descriptions of the various commands available and often provides sample code. It is widely viewed as the definitive reference for writing and understanding NWScript. The latest version of the NWN Lexicon was released on April 15, 2010, and includes updates through patch v1.69.

The Lexicon was originally written by the NWN Lexicon Group, who maintained it through patch 1.64 (November 2004). After a hiatus in maintenance, the GetLastLexiconUpdateBy() team took over in 2008, ultimately adding content from the remaining patches. Having brought the Lexicon up to date with the final patch of Neverwinter Nights, no further updates are planned by the GetLastLexiconUpdateBy() team. Information has been included in the .chm (Windows help) version of the Lexicon to assist any future expansion of the document, should it become necessary.

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