NPC Healer Edit

What it does Edit

Used to make an NPC become a healer, much like Aribeth in the NWN single player game. Can be altered to make the NPC charge money for his services, but this version of the script there is no charge.

Notes Edit

An NPC conversation should be created with a suggestion that the PC may need healing, whether it be the NPC suggests his healing services, or the PC asks for healing. This script should be loaded under the Actions Taken tab.

The Script Edit

Script: NPC Healer
Created By: FreKy J
Created On: 8/28/02
void main()
 //Set the variables
 object xPlayer = GetPCSpeaker();
 int xPlayerHP;
 effect xPlayerHeal;
 effect xHealVis = EffectVisualEffect(VFX_IMP_RESTORATION_GREATER);
 //Set how much to heal
 xPlayerHP = GetMaxHitPoints(xPlayer);
 //Create the heal effect
 xPlayerHeal = EffectHeal(xPlayerHP);
 //Perform the heal and the effect

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