NCS Legend Forge had been a reborn Neverwinter Nights persistent world server, focused primarily on roleplay (RP).

The earliest origins of Legend Forge are found in its predecessor, the Nordock Custome Server (NCS). This started out being the public release Nordock that Marc Richter built, but allowing custom PC races and skins. Over time areas were modified and added. The server's immediate roots can be traced back to the late months of 2003, when Badger, the previous owner, decided to retire from NCS, leaving Lord Oridian to look over his previous work. Lord Oridian accepted the reins, and immediately assimilated an insightful and inspirational staff to join him in creating a unique vision. The old Nordock areas were completely reworked, with very significant changes including much use of expansion and CEP content.

From 2005 to 2006, NCS Legend Forge was a low to medium magic (no drops over +3 enhancement bonus, no permahaste, no damage resistance belts) RP-oriented server, with a small, albeit growing again, dedicated playerbase and a very active DM team. It was a friendly group and newcomers were welcomed and included in the RP.

With the dwindling playerbase in 2006, the server reins were handed on several times, and by 2007 the server had gone offline as the most recent server owner dropped out of contact. Thus the long and storied history of the Nordock Custome Server and Legend Forge has come to an end.

Former homepage:

Former IP:

CEP required; additional hak pack required — see web site for download location.

RP section of GameSpy

Low-medium magic

Maximum level: The maximum level had been 20 through 2005. Afterwards, the maximum level was 40 but with very slow progress after 20.

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