Mist dragons are normally solitary and philosophical. Their favorite activity is sitting quietly and thinking. They hate being disturbed and they dislike conversation.

Statistics Edit

Race: dragon
Alignment: true neutral
Armor class: 28
Hit points: 241
Attack bonus: +27/+22/+17/+12
Damage: 2d6+8 piercing-slashing damage / 2d6+8 piercing-slashing damage / 2d8+8 slashing damage (creature weapons)

Hit dice (level): 21
Challenge rating: 14

  fortitude 17
reflex 12
will 15

Size: huge

  strength 27
dexterity 10
constitution 21
intelligence 16
wisdom 17
charisma 16

Trained skills:(‡) bluff (24), intimidate (13), listen (11), move silently (8), persuade (7), spot (18)
Feats: cleave, darkvision, power attack, weapon proficiency (creature)

Blueprint:(‡) x3_dragmist001

Special abilities Edit

A mist dragon has the usual dragon immunities to mind-affecting spells, paralysis, and sneak attacks. It has permanent true seeing.

This creature can cast each of the following as a spell-like ability: confusion once per day with caster level of 7; cloud of bewilderment, hold person and ice storm once per day with caster level 9; and gust of wind thrice per day with caster level 9. It can also use its aura of dragon fear ability once per day and can use acid dragon breath and fire dragon breath each once per day.

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