Strong, fiercely territorial creatures, minotaurs often lair in vast underground labyrinths where their keen memory gives them an advantage over their lost and confused prey.

Statistics Edit

Race: monstrous humanoid
Alignment: chaotic evil
Armor class: 14
Hit points: 90
Attack bonus: +17/+12/+7
Damage: d12+5 (greataxe +1)

Hit dice (level): 12
Challenge rating: 8

  fortitude 11
reflex 7
will 7

Size: large

Trained skills:(‡) discipline (11), listen (8), parry (3), search (4), spot (8)
Feats: armor proficiency (light), armor proficiency (medium), barbarian fast movement, cleave, dodge, great fortitude, power attack, uncanny dodge II, weapon proficiency (creature), weapon proficiency (martial), weapon proficiency (simple)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_minchief

Notes Edit

See also: minotaur, minotaur chieftain, minotaur shaman

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