Bonds of Blood
D&D 3.5 online server chapter 2

Bannerman's map of Termes

Creator: NarcissusLair
Type: Roleplaying
Levels: 1-40
PvP: full PvP
Version: 1.69 (8109)+XP1+XP2
Rules: player's handbook
Changes: subraces, classes, feats, skills, spell changes
Systems: crafting, repairing and cooking; merchants, barter and gold limits; deities, religion and prayer; environment; rest and ambush; combat; death; experience; emotes; teleportation
Items: treasure, properties

The Bonds of Blood persistent world has a sophisticated economic system, where merchants can be affected by persuade instead of appraise, barter is taxed, and player characters have a level-based gold limit.

Merchants Edit

Instead of a standard appraise check, the cost of items bought from a merchant is directly based on the appraise skill level. In addition, the persuade skill can be substituted for appraise. For every point in the higher skill, the purchase price is reduced by 1% of the base cost, to a minimum of 60% of an item's value.

Items can only be sold for 40% of the base cost.

Crafted items can be sold to certain merchants for a little over 50% of their value. As crafting costs 50% of the item's value, a small profit can be made by selling crafted items.

No merchants can identify items. Wizards and bards must be sought to identify items. To identify an item between two players, the item can be placed on the ground, where the identifier can right-click then examine it. Also, an idem optical item can identify an item for experience points, provided a lore check is passed.

Barter Edit

The only permitted way to trade an item between players is the standard barter window. If any other method is attempted, the item will be destroyed. An item cannot be bartered if it is unidentified or flagged as plot.

All barters over 7000gp are taxed at a rate of 20% and lower-valued items (valued singly, not as a stack) may be taxed at a 5% rate.

Gold Edit

The maximum gold a player character is allowed to carry is 5000 gold pieces times the character level squared. (So the maximum for a level 2 character is 20,000gp, while for a level 40 character the limit is 8,000,000gp.) Excess gold will be deleted.

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