Make your own summoned monsters Edit

You edit the script nw_s0_summon, to put in the ResRef of the creatures you have just made.

In making the creatures, below is a list of scripts and events those scripts go on. Don't worry about the fact that nw_ch_aca doesn't exist anymore , the summoned works fine.

// nw_s0_summon = summon 1-9
/* summoned creature scripts
OnBlocked: nw_ch_ace
OnCombatRoundEnd: nw_ch_ac3
OnConversation: nw_ch_ac4
OnDamaged: nw_ch_ac5
OnDeath: nw_ch_ac7
OnDisturbed: nw_ch_ac8
OnHartbeat: nw_ch_ac1
OnPerception: nw_ch_ac2
OnPhysicalAttacked: nw_ch_ac5
OnRested: nw_ch_aca  // this script doesn't exist
OnSpawn: nw_ch_ac9
OnSpellCastAt: nw_ch_acb
OnUserDefined: nw_ch_acd

Once you get the first summoned working, go to the scripts tab, save script set as, pick an appropriate name (like "summoned monster" and save it. Now when you make more , you can just load it up and never have to type all this stuff in again.

Oh yea.

Make a false script called "project notes" or "wherestuffis" or something, containing nothing but comments, and keep any important things you find (like script names) in that as well. You'll thank yourself for not having to constantly scrounge around for the scraps of paper you wrote stuff on and then lost.

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