Name: Magic staff
Description: The staff is potentially a magically-charged item. Powers and effects vary greatly.

weapon properties
weight (lb) 4
cost (gp) 1
damage 1d6
criticals x2
damage type bludgeoning
size medium
proficiency simple


Standard magic staves Edit

Staff of CommandEdit

Staff of DefenseEdit

Staff of PowerEdit

Staff of the HolyEdit

Staff of the MagiEdit

  • Enhancement bonus: +1
  • Useable only by sorcerer or wizard
  • On hit: dispel magic (10 by cap)
  • Cast spell: dispel magic (5) 1 charge
  • Cast spell: fireball (10) 2 charges
  • Cast spell: ice storm (9) 2 charges
  • Cast spell: invisibility (3) 1 charge
  • Cast spell: light (1) 0 charges
  • Cast spell: lightning bolt (10) 2 charges
  • Cast spell: mage armor (2) 0 charges

Staff of ValmaxianEdit

  • Armor class bonus: +2
  • Enhancement bonus: +3
  • Usable only by sorcerer or wizard
  • Cast spell: chain lightning (11) 5 charges
  • Cast spell: ethereal visage (9) 5 charges
  • Cast spell: fireball (5) 3 charges

Staff of MeldanenEdit

  • Bonus Feat: Spell Penetration
  • Light Bright (20m) Red
  • Cast spell: Melf's Acid Arrow (6) 5 charges

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